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Let God Feed You!

More Cake Please

What does your heart need?

It needs to be loved by God!

Whomever you are, whatever you believe, somehow you have been led to these words. Something inside of you has been stirred and is hungry to discover that there is more to this world than simply the everyday routine. Take some time to check out this video as well as the other videos on this site and allow God to open up your hunger for Him, allowing yourself to recognize that you are made for greatness and to be fed by the God of the Universe who has created a hunger inside of you for Him!

Hearing His Voice?


Wanting to Hear God is What we Yearn For

In the depths of your being you know that there is a creator out there who made you for relationship, yet you wonder how to hear Him and you wonder if He hears you.

Now is the time to discover that voice that your heart is made to hear and respond to. Now is the time to choose to accept the truth that you are made to experience this world in a way that you could never even dream of! For God wants to transform you and reveal to you the life that He has been waiting for you to live!

“We are not the sum of our weakness and failures: we are the sum of the father's love for us.” 

- Pope Saint John Paul II -

Hungering for God

To Hunger For More Is A Universal Desire

For thousands of years men and women have discovered the true joy that comes from knowing God! And these men and women are from all walks of life whether it be an 18 year old girl from Italy or a Pope from Poland each person is made to seek incredible things and to change the world by showing others that life is not made for mediocrity, but for greatness! Greatness that is meant to be savored and shared!

click on their names to learn more about their incredible lives

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