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More Cake Please

'More Cake Please' is a Non-for-Profit that sets out to create content that helps people discover their spiritual thirst and hunger. This hunger needs to be fed by something beyond ourselves.

A child sees a tasty dessert such as cake and feels the hunger to be fed by the sweet flavors and after having tasted the cake the child reaches out and exclaims to his mother or father: More Cake Please!

We hope that through this mission people's spiritual taste buds will be opened through these videos. Then, having tasted the sweetness of God's love stirred within them they will exclaim with delight to Our Heavenly Father, 'More Cake Please!' And set out on a search to find that flavor again ultimately in God and His Church!


Father Kyle Manno

Father Kyle Manno is a priest of the Rockford Diocese where he is parochial administrator of Christ the Teacher University Parish the Newman Center at Northern Illinois University, director of campus ministry, and Vocation Director for the Diocese of Rockford.

After creating a viral Catholic video with his Bishop, Father Manno discovered the true power of evangelization through social media and felt the Lord calling him to hit the streets asking questions and making videos that would stir peoples hearts. 

Months later Fr Manno flew to California to create his series 'Priest with a Mic' in which he spoke to people about faith, life, and their desires. After posting the videos he saw the impact that they were having on people and decided that it was time to create a Non-For-Profit that could create more videos to help people discover their hunger for God. 

Father Manno then founded More Cake Please and is now on mission to create videos that will bring people closer to Jesus Christ!

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