Our Mission

'More Cake Please' is a mission that sets out to create content that helps people discover their spiritual thirst and hunger that wants to be fed by something beyond themselves  For a child sees a cake and feels the hunger to be fed by the sweet delights of the flavors and after having tasted the cake the child reaches out and exclaims to his mother or father: More Cake Please!


 We hope that through our mission people's spiritual taste buds will be opened after having appetized on the spiritual nuggets of these productions. Then, having tasted the sweetness of God's love stirred within them they will exclaim with delight to their Father, 'More Cake Please!' And set out on a search to find that flavor again ultimately in God and His Church!


Fr. Kyle Manno

Fr. Manno grew up in Palatine, Illinois with two loving parents and the youngest of four children.  He went to Northern Illinois University where he studied music. During his time in college, he started taking sign language classes at the local parish with a priest.  While taking classes with him, he  discovered that priests and the faith are much more enjoyable than he ever thought.  After much prayer, he decided to apply to the seminary.  He finished his studies and graduated from NIU and was soon accepted to Mundelein Seminary where he spent two years studying philosophy and another four years studying theology.  During his time in seminary he was able to study Spanish in Mexico, as well as in El Salvador while in an orphanage with 250 kids. On June 4, 2016, he was ordained to the priesthood of Jesus Christ. “I can honestly say, that was the happiest day of my life.  I cannot imagine doing anything else. The priesthood of Jesus Christ and my life is not about me, it’s about the people of God.  As a deacon, I was ordained to serve.  As a priest, I was ordained to give up my life so that all people can get to heaven!"

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